DSAIA's 2021 Leadership Conference

Facing the Future Together

February 18-21, 2021

The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

DSAIA is proud to announce our 2021 Leadership Conference!  So many of you have asked us if it will really happen--and it will!  DSAIA knows how important it is for leaders to become inspired, learn new skills, and build networks.  Because of COVID-19, we are adding a virtual component so that you can participate wherever you are.  We are also anticipating a live event in Las Vegas but we recognize that the in-person event may need to be modified depending on the restrictions in place.  Our goal is to have an absolutely stellar event AND protect your health.  

Its time to submit your proposal!  All proposals are due November 15. Click here to find out how to share your ideas at this year's Leadership Conference.  

We are incredibly proud of our growth and results in 2017.  However, none of this could have been possible without support from DSAIA....the membership has been necessary for past successes, and will continue to prove vital for future growth.

-Dawn Neuffer, Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin


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