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Features of the NEW and IMPROVED Library

    You can easily find the support, training and resource you need.

    • DSAIA has taken all of information its collected over the years and curated a Resource Library that includes templates, sample materials, digital books, training materials, webinars, ideas & notes, conference materials, presentations & reports, research papers,  expert knowledge, speaker directory and more!
    • Finding the materials you need is a breeze. The Resource Library has a bunch of powerful search, filter and sorting features that allow you to quickly search and browse through 1000’s of pieces of content quickly and easily.
    • We've included social features in the Resource Library such as: user profiles, comments, and notifications so that you and your fellow DSAIA member leaders can interact on the content they share.
    • Your new Resource Library is private and secure. We've created a private domain for your Resource Library - only DSAIA members have permission to access and view its contents. 
    • The Resource Library is powered by Shelf, a cutting-edge virtual library that curates and organizes all types of content.

    Through the materials in the (resource library) and direct connection with other groups, we walked away with a [medical outreach] toolkit. We did not have to recreate the wheel. We customized it for our group, and within a month or so, we hit the ground running.-Heather Sachs, former board member, DS Network of Montgomery County

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