Are you looking for new ways to reach out to the education professionals in your community? 

We have created the Education Newsletter: Topics in Down Syndrome Education specifically for your teachers, staff and administration! This newsletter, which will be produced 2-3 times per year, has general information about educating a student with Down syndrome but can also be customized with your upcoming events or news. This newsletter will help you in reaching out to the education professionals to show them that your DSA is ready to support educators with information and questions they may have about educating their student with Down syndrome. 

How to use? 

You can edit this document on the left side (green box) and the logo by adding your DSA logo and upcoming events for educators from your DSA. 

How to format for distribution? 

Any way you want to! Ideas include, exporting to PDF and putting into a constant contact email, saving to and direct readers to that link, creating and image and sharing on Facebook. 

Where to distribute?

If you have existing connections with the education community, then use your current resources. Other ideas include: emails to all school principals, special education administrators, parent resource centers, special education advisory committee emails, community service boards, private therapists and distribute the newsletter to parents who can share it with their educators. Give all readers an option to be added to a mailing list so you can build your communication list. 

NOTE TO MEMBERS You will need a DSAIA member portal login to access the Education Newsletter template. If your DSA is a member of DSAIA and you do not have a login, contact your organization's DSAIA liaison about adding you to their member bundle.The Education Newsletter template is considered Members' Only Content . Please avoid sharing with leaders and organizations that do not have access to the DSAIA portal.

Past Issues

I had so much to learn and every year AIA (conference) gives me a chance to learn and figure out what other people are doing. Such a good opportunity to get recharged and refocused.-Deborah Tomai, Rio Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association


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