No Rest For the Wicked (Or At Least The Wickedly Busy!)

Tue, February 26, 2013 3:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

While I would like to spend this entire blog post going on and on and on about the conference last weekend…I just can’t. I can’t because there is no time to rest. DSAIA’s conference is awesome, yes.  The conference is rejuvenating….it’s “drinking from the well” as you might remember me saying if you attended.  But it’s only one weekend a year.  And DSAIA is WAY more than one weekend a year. So, I cannot stop down to discuss the conference because I have to remind everyone that we have THREE great webinars coming your way before the end of March.  And one of them is one that you should MAKE each and every board member watch.  I’m really not kidding.

If you missed Robbin Lyon’s session on Zero to Sixty: Fast Track Your Young Group to Look Like A Seasoned Professional at the conference, catch it (with updates from her feedback) on Thursday, February 28th at 1 pm Eastern.  Register here:

I know how everyone LOVED Jay Wilkinson’s Saturday keynote.  Get more of him on March 20th when he presents How To Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website at 2 pm Eastern.  In this session, you will learn from more than 10 years of focus group research with nonprofit constituents and donors how to captivate and engage your audience. Join Jay to discover:

  • ·         The 5 required elements of an engaging website
  • ·         The 3 biggest mistakes nonprofits make with their website
  • ·         5 proven methods for promoting your organization online
  • ·         The #1 factor nonprofits should consider regarding search engine optimization
  • ·         Real-world examples of nonprofit organizations that have mastered their online presence

Register now for this webinar – it’s also an open webinar so share the news:

And then there’s the webinar that ALL of you should watch.  How To Read Nonprofit Financial Statements: What Executives & Leaders Need To Know About the Numbers is being presented by Susan C. Hammond, CPA, MST,  a consultant, leadership coach, author and speaker. Really, this is one you MUST encourage ALL of your board to watch. After this workshop, you will...

  • ·         Understand how internal and external financial statements differ.
  • ·         Understand what reports can comprise internal financial statement - how & when to use them, and which ones are important for which decisions.  
  • ·         Understand how to use balance sheet and income statement information to gain valuable insights about the organization's operations.

Register here:

So, while I take the rest of the afternoon off to let the feeling come back in my feet, you guys get busy registering for the great upcoming webinars from DSAIA.  We have much more on the agenda for you this year….and it starts now!

I want to tell you what WONDERFUL time I had at the conference. I learned so much and came away with lots of ideas for our organization. -Barb Waddle, The Upside of Downs of Northeast Ohio


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