A Mighty Purpose

Wed, November 07, 2012 12:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Sterling Lynk, Executive Director, Madison Area Down Syndrome Society

My name is Sterling Lynk.

I believe that everyone has their own personal purpose in this life.

Whatever that purpose is, I believe that most of us spend the majority of our lives not living that purpose.  We are either  unaware that we have one, we are looking for one, or we just plain ignore the one that we know we are called to.

I believe I have discovered my purpose: to do what I can so that everyone can discover their own personal higher calling, express those callings in the world, and find and share their stories.

The bad news for me is that I am pretty sure that I am not doing that great of a job living my purpose, and sometimes I am guilty of ignoring it.  This makes me unhappy and I don't want to do that anymore.  I am building this website to help me do a better job of remembering and living my purpose.  Starting with this post, I intend to document my journey to do a better job at living my calling.  I also intend to share what I hope I will find.

I have never done anything both cool and worthwhile by myself, so I hope a few of you out there will find this interesting enough to join me and get involved with this quest.

I don't know if this will work (we'll find out), but starting this odyssey is better than doing nothing. 

An Unexpected Test Leads to an Adventure

Every quest has its share of tests.  Some adventures begin with a test.  That's what happened to me here.

It began a couple of weeks ago when I found some old notes I made almost two years ago about personal callings and values.  Included in those notes was this fairly famous quote by George Bernard Shaw.

"This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.  I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can."

This is so right on.

I remember digging up this quote to help me convince a handful of people to get involved with a project related to developing a new generation of hands-on, non-profit leaders.  I honestly wasn't looking at it correctly.  This quote is not a tool to make a point, but instead it is a test for us all.

Think of this test as two different challenges.  The first sentence of the quote gives us our first challenge ("Mighty Purpose and Force of Nature").  The second sentence gives us our second challenge ("My Life For My Community").

In my next post, I will share how I feel I stack up to this test.  Spoiler alert: I don't think I did well enough.  That is why I am building this site and why I am asking for your help.

Please join me.

If you have read this far then I hope you care enough about this pursuit for purpose to help out.  Here are some ideas:

1.If you can only do one thing to help, please take a few minutes to complete the survey embedded into this page.  Your participation will give me clues as to where I need to look on this adventure.  Your answers will be kept confidential by not associating your answers with your name, but I will share some of the results of the survey on this website in the future.

2.Are you willing to forward a link to this post to some folks you know that will find this interesting or who you believe is "seeking" something?  When you forward this link, can you encourage them to complete the survey?

3.If you are not too shy and you really want to help, then please use the comment function on this blog to share a story about a time when you really felt like you were being used for a mighty purpose and were a force of nature in pursuing that purpose.

Thank you in advance for your help.  I have three small gifts that I've collected and I want to share them with three of you as a personal token of my appreciation for helping me out in any of the ways above on or before Sunday, November 11th.

Please join me.

To view this post on Sterling's page and take the survey, go to:


Sterling Lynk also serves on the DSAIA Board of Directors and is a guest blogger for DS Group Therapy.  Sterling will be presenting two workshops at the upcoming DSAIA Leadership Conference:

I want to tell you what WONDERFUL time I had at the conference. I learned so much and came away with lots of ideas for our organization. -Barb Waddle, The Upside of Downs of Northeast Ohio


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