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    Are you getting ready to write your annual report? 
    Have you just been thrown into it without anyone to guide you?
    Would you like to use your annual report for fundraising? 
    We can help you! 

    Making a Better Annual Report Will:

    Make you look professional in the community,  
    Make your donors trust you more, 
    Make donors want to give more, and 
    Make your sponsors and foundations proud to be a part of your mission! 

    This is a 3-part online course and will NOT be placed in STACKS (DSAIA Resource Library) so don't miss it! This course is valued at $800...but DSAIA is making this incredible course available for a limited time for only $149! Register before January 31, 2019 for this incredible value because after that, it rises to $199! 

    DSAIA MEMBER RATE:  Register before January 31, 2019 for an incredible $49!  Then it rises to $99.

    Not a member of DSAIA? Contact info@dsaia.org for details on how to join!

    MasterClass One - Annual Report Basics:

    In the first masterclass you will learn:
     --Typography and what it says about your nonprofit
     --Graphic design tips to help you look like you hired a designer (even if you didn’t!)
     --Designing annual reports from a fundraising perspective
     --What to include and what to leave out in your annual report 
     --Graphic design resources and inspiration

    MasterClass Two - Supercharge Your Fundraising With Your Annual Report

    In the second masterclass you’ll learn:

    -- How can you make your annual report work for your fundraising?
    -- Getting more major donors through making financial transparency fun 
    --Helping donors see themselves in your story with your annual report
    -- Where should you put your online report?
    -- Design essentials for your online annual report
    -- Resources for creating snazzy pictures and infographics for your nonprofit 
    --How to get more event sponsorships through your annual report
    -- How to get your annual report printed for cheap or free    

    MasterClass Three - New Advanced Annual Report Design Trends for 2018

    In the third and final presentation you will learn:

    -- 2018 Typography Trends
    -- 2018 Fascinating Pattern Trends
    -- 2018 Unusual Photograph Trends
    -- Fundraising Campaign Timeline for Annual Reports (How to plan your fundraising around your annual report)
    -- Advanced: What to include and what to leave out in your appeal after sending an annual report
    -- Online Nonprofit Annual Report Trends for 2018
    -- PLUS MORE Annual Report Design inspiration 

    • Tue, March 12, 2019
    • (EDT)
    • Tue, March 19, 2019
    • (EDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • At your desk or on your device!

    Special MasterClass Offer!

    Get ready to plan your way to excellent donor communications and a bigger better walk in 2019!

    This is a 3-part LIVE course and will NOT be placed in STACKS (DSAIA Resource Library) so don't miss it! This course is valued at $800...but DSAIA is making this incredible course available for a limited time for only $199! Register before Feb 19th for this incredible value because after that, it rises to $299! 

    DSAIA MEMBER RATE:  Register before February 19th for an incredible $49!  Then it rises to $99.

    Not a member of DSAIA? Contact info@dsaia.org for details on how to join!

    Class 1: How to make a seriously fun communications plan

    How do you keep your donors? You need a communications and stewardship plan for the year. 
    You need systems to focus on your donors. You need a way to track how people interact with your organization, how to move a newcomer into an event attendee, into a volunteer, into a donor, and into monthly gifts and major gifts.
    You need time to make donors feel special, to surprise and delight your donors.
    You need the time and resources to make your donor stewardship a success! This first masterclass will help you get there.

    Webinar Outline:

    In this presentation, in an easy-to-follow process, we’ll go into the elements of a comprehensive communications stewardship plan. We’ll talk about campaigns, thank you letters, enewsletters, e-appeals, good databases, and so much more!

    Specifically, we’ll delve into these issues:
        --The key elements of a communications plan
        --How to analyze if your communications are currently working for your donors-or if you could do better
        --What is stewardship and why should you care?
        --Elements of a good stewardship plan
        --How can you build stewardship into every aspect of your fundraising?
        --Starting with current donors: Who are your most loyal?
        --Making Better Donor Relationships through communications
        --E-newsletters that help you keep your donors
        --Annual reports that help you keep your donors
        --Thanking Donors: A Quick System that Works
        --Creating a Campaign to Get Old Donors Engaged
        --How to Give Offline Experiences for your donors
        --Evaluating Your Stewardship Over Time

    NEW! Your Bonus materials will include:
        Offline Experience Ideas for Keeping Your Donors
        A Sample stewardship plan
        A Sample communications plan to keep your donors
        Presentation Slides
        Webinar Recording
        A sample series of email communications to engage your current donors

    Class 2: How to write a better e-newsletter that gets you donations

    Have you ever been frustrated by your nonprofit’s e-newsletter?
    Is it that you’re not allowed to write it without a committee?
    Is it that no one opens it?
    Or you don’t know if anyone does?
    Are you frustrated that few people give through your e-newsletter?
    Do you want to solve your problems and help your e-newsletter make money for your nonprofit?
    Naturally, you want the best for your cause, and you want to figure out how to get more people to give
    In this 60 minute webinar you will learn:
       --How to analyze what is working and not working about your current emails
        --Get class feedback on the best email subject lines or emails they have sent so far in the last year
        -- How to get MORE people to sign up for your emails
        --Potent Calls to Action for your E-newsletter
        --16 kinds of headlines to help your donors give
        --Joking around: How to avoid getting too serious about your cause
        --The 5 reasons people share your e-newsletter
        --Even More Subject Lines to get people to Open
        --Getting Donors to Click Donate or Buy
        --Sample Surveys to help you segment your subscribers
        --Example welcome emails to keep your subscribers happy
        --4 Simple emails that lead people to take action

    New! Bonus Materials:
        Headline checklist of some potent openers to get donors to open your nonprofit e-newsletters
        Photo checklist to help you convince more donors to give with better photographs of your cause.
        Webinar Slides

    Class 3: Communicating around your Down Syndrome walk event- Get a jump on it NOW! 

    Your walk can be your biggest fundraising event of the year. Each year, this is our chance to make sure we are engaging all of our supporters, and getting new ones. It can be the biggest day to identify, cultivate, and ask new donors. You don't want to waste this important opportunity. SO, how do you communicate early enough and clearly enough to ensure your walk's success? THAT'S what we're going to work on in this masterclass.

    Participants will learn: 
    --How to analyze what you did last year, what worked and didn't work
    --Get class feedback about their best techniques
    --How to grab people’s attention about your walk
    --Where to put banners and flyers
    --How to get more people involved
    --Online fundraising for your walk
    --5 ways to get people to share your walk
    --How to show people you’re ready to partner with sponsors and have fun together!
    --Real life examples of walk communications that WORK

    About your presenter:

    Mazarine Treyz is one of DSAIA's most popular speakers and we're excited to bring her back again in 2019 for this masterclass! She is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, and CEO of Wild Woman Fundraising, a national fundraising training company. Her organization runs two virtual conferences per year, one on nonprofit leadership and one on fundraising careers. In addition, she trains people with webinars, in-person workshops, and 10+ e-courses.

    Mazarine Treyz has been featured on national syndicated media, including Fundraising Success Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Philanthropy.com’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast, Fundraising Success Magazine,Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio show, and the Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson.

    • Thu, March 28, 2019
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • At your desk!

    What do you think when you hear the term “brand” or “branding”? A corporate logo, an advertising campaign or an elevator speech may come to mind. While all of these touchpoints are a part of an organization’s brand or identity, the concept of branding goes much deeper. But we’re NOT going to focus on that.

    In this webinar, we’re going to take a practical approach to branding your organization. Afterward, you will take away ideas and practices that you can put into action immediately, without a board vote or hiring a consultant. In this webinar you will:

    • Understand your brand
    • What is a brand and what isn’t a brand.
    • What is your brand - the 3 levels.
    • Who decides what your brand is.
    • What does your brand say about you?
    • Hone your brand
      • Who’s your audience?
      • Get some brand standards
      • KISS
    • Communicate your brand
      • 50+ touchpoints you can use now
      • 7 elements of storytelling
      • Examples of great nonprofit branding

     About your presenter:

    Courtney Dunevant is a communications and branding specialist with nearly 20 years in the field. On her own, she likes to dive deep in the whys and the hows of organizational communication, but is mostly seen at the surface as a hands-on, soup-to-nuts practitioner. No stranger to DSAIA, many know Courtney as the former jack-of-all-trades #2 at the national Down syndrome trade association. Courtney’s enduring passion for Down syndrome prospers today as the parent of Elaina (9) who has Down syndrome, and as past president of the Chesapeake Down Syndrome Parent Group. She also stumps for CDSPG’s fundraising and nominating committees and chairs the organization’s newly formed branding committee. Professionally, she is known for her PR outcomes, pitching stories and delivering sources for the American Gaming Association, Bon Secours Healthcare System, Concorso D’Italia, The Children’s Guild, and United Cerebral Palsy. Courtney lives with her family in the Baltimore/Washington metro area, where she has lived nearly all her life.

    Want to view the webinar but can't make it during the live presentation? Be sure and register to receive a link to view the recording for up to 14 days. (Most webinars are placed in STACKS - the DSAIA Member Resource Library - within 6 months.)

    • Mon, April 08, 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online Webinar

    DSAIA Affiliate-Presented Webinar!

    Only $25

    Special pricing for MDSC & DSAIA Members: $15

    Special discounted rate of $15 for MDSC & DSAIA members! See below for more information.

    College-based transition services for students with intellectual disabilities continue to grow, but more needs to be known about how to include inclusive postsecondary education in transition services that are high quality and lead to positive post-school outcomes for students. This webinar offers participants an overview of national data on college-based transition services as well as information on what we have discovered in Massachusetts to be critical components of the services, including planning, supports, inclusive academic access and career development services as well as applied strategies and resources to support necessary training and evaluation.

    Presenter: Maria Paiewonsky, Ed.D.

    Maria Paiewonsky, Ed.D., is a program manager and transition specialist at the Institute for Community Inclusion. She also serves as Director of the Massachusetts Transition Leadership Initiative, a personnel preparation program that prepares teachers for the MA transition specialists endorsement at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Maria has coordinated numerous secondary and transition related projects and works with teachers, interdisciplinary team members, students and families to develop positive and inclusive college, work and community outcomes. Maria has most recently coordinated a research and training project for ICI called Think College Transition. Working with a team at ICI and partners at three Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment partnerships, they are working to answer this question: Does college make a difference for students with intellectual disability or autism who are pursuing postsecondary goals and if so, what difference is it making?

    Presented by Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress in partnership with Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action Trade Association.

    MDSC members are eligible for a $10 discount or a scholarship - contact ktenglin@mdsc.org for more information.

    DSAIA members are eligible for a $10 discount. View the MDSC Webinar Page under the Members Resources tab to retrieve your code and find images to help you market it to your families!

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